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Sponsoring a SGGD Event 101

  1. Pick a date that works for your company to host an event. Typically events are held on Thursday’s from 6-8pm
  2. Determine your venue and how many attendees you can host
  3. Food and beverage – Attendees are usually coming directly from work to attend these events. Buffet style or food truck options are most popular. Cost can run from 3-7K depending on how many people your venue can hold. Make sure to include vegetarian options
  4. The standard agenda for our events is the following:
    1. Check in and networking
    2. Kick off speech outlining agenda
    3. Keynote speaker or panelist (topics can range from technical to professional skill development)
    4. Q & A
    5. Networking
  5. Swag – its not a must, but if you have budget, the SGGD community loves swag!
  6. Invitation verbiage – Please create the written content you would like on the invitation for your event. Include the location address, parking instructions, event agenda, speaker bios, and anything else that is relevant to promoting your event and attracting attendees. After you have created the invite content, the SGGD community leader will upload the content to eventbrite and distribute the invitation to the community.
  7. Attendee lists – Attendee lists will be provided to the sponsoring company about 1 week prior to your event.
  8. Contact us via organizers@seattlegirlgeekdinners.com.